If you're not a fan of iOS, but you absolutely love the iPhone 4's design, what you see in the picture above is probably blowing your mind. It's called the Gooapple (Google + Apple) V5, and it's an iPhone 4 . . . running Android. 

And when I say it's an iPhone 4 running Android, I mean that it's an exact replica (on the outside) of Apple's previous generation smartphone running Android Gingerbread. It's got the same exterior design, and even the same 960 x 640 "Retina" display that Apple uses. In fact, it's so similar that someone from Gooapple actually took out the V5's display and threw it in an iPhone 4. It worked, by the way; you can see the video for proof after the break.

The cost for the Gooapple V5 is roughly a 1/4 of what Apple's iPhone 4 currently costs. Based off of what I've seen, it's certainly a knockoff worth looking at twice. 


[Cloned In China]