Aside from the tablet market we all know, there’s the business tablet market, where products are designed for business use rather than you and me. While having given up on WebOS, HP still has a foot in that market, HP has just announced the update to its business tablet. The Slate 2 starts at $699, runs Windows, has a pen digitizer, Atom Z670 CPU, and 32GB and up SSD storage. The screen is 8.9 inches, making it a small and slick little…eh…overly thick and heat generating thing (it’s still Windows, after all).

The thing also has various security features for tracking and deleting things remotely. Apparently that’s something worth noting on a Windows device, while iOS has it built in. Funny how that works. There are also some accessories for this thing, namely a barcode scanner and magnetic card reader for providing a mobile point of sale solution. If I were HP though, I would spell out “point of sale” at all times in the next press release – as the more common meaning of that acronym gives part of the press release a whole other meaning: “The case attaches to the HP Slate 2 and creates a secure portable POS solution that personalizes transactions”