Sprint claims that its Network Vision modernization project is already well underway, bringing better voice quality, faster 3G, higher capacity, and even 4G LTE across its entire footprint. But wouldn't it be nice find out exactly what Sprint is doing right now in your neck of the woods?

Well, Sprint recently unveiled a new site (network.sprint.com) that allows users to enter any address in the US to see what kind of improvements are being made nearby. There's also a drop-down menu to see network improvements at the city-level. As you can see above, I found out that Sprint has already made 15 enhancements in the Cincinnati area in the past six months, and it is planning 16 more in the coming six months.

In this new tool, network enhancements are broken down into three categories: voice upgrades, data capacity upgrades, and data speed upgrades. At this point, Sprint isn't talking about where it currently is in its 4G LTE build-out, but at least we know it's hard at work making things better for current 3G customers. So kudos to Sprint for at least trying to be a little more transparent.