Note: Sprint HTC EVO 3D users, this doesn't apply to us yet.

If you have a GSM version of a rooted HTC EVO 3D and you're tired of pressing the power button to wake and put your phone to sleep, then you might want to check out bponury's Slide 2 Wake kernel. As its name implies, it allows you to slide your fingers over the capacitive buttons to wake the EVO or put it to sleep.

While this is an early release of the kernel and does not work for Sprint/CDMA phones, I'm hoping this can be ported over to our direction soon enough. If you're one of the oft-neglected rooted GSM EVO 3D owners, then this is your victory. You've got the coolest unlock method to come out well ahead of the CDMA development game.

While pressing the power button may not seem like a big deal, if you have a power button that's difficult to press due to lack of sensitivity or huge rubbery case (or both), then this is a majorly useful kernel mod.