Even though the Dell Streak 5 is no longer being sold here in the States, Dell still cares about its first entrance into the modern smartphone market and is showing it today by releasing the official Gingerbread ROM for the Streak 5. 

To update, simply guide yourself over to the link provided below and start downloading the 155MB .pkg file, and then install it, provided you have the correct stock recovery (version 350) installed. After the installation, you should be rocking out with Gingerbread's sweet green and black appearance. It'll be like a whole new device!

Our friend TheManii promises to release a changelog for the ROM within the next 24 hours, so be sure to thank him in the comments. 

Let us know how the installation goes and if there are any bugs that you encounter! 

[xda-developers | Download .pkg] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!