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Well, darn! Usually Fridays are great for everyone, but it looks like me and the rest of the StreakSmart crew are going to have a dreaded weekend, as the Dell Streak 7 was quietly discontinued. This comes not even four months after the Streak 5 was discontinued, as well.

The Streak 7 started its life back in January of this year. Its birth was aided by T-Mobile, who released a 4G version as well. In fact, it was marketed as the first 4G tablet. Unfortunately, it probably succombed to the likes of the iPad or other, fiercer foes.

And with that, I'm sure I speak for all of the StreakSmart editors when I say that we'll miss the great fun that we had with the Dell Streak 7 and all its awesomeness. I hope Dell sees the stupidity in this decision and brings back both devices. But until then, goodbye to you, too, Streak 7.

[Dell] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!