Etsy is a site where crafty people can sell their creations to the masses. There are a lot of nice tablet accessories on there, but one of the coolest I’ve seen in ages is the Neverending Story case for ereaders and tablets. It’s made of leather and suede and has the iconic symbol from the original book on the cover. For anyone who still remembers Falkor and the rest of the characters from the classic story, this case is perfect. That is probably why it’s sold out until after Christmas as well.

As awesome as the cover is in itself, the symbolic meaning of this being an ereader case is just as awesome. With practically unlimited access to books on modern reading devices, the term “neverending story” is as fitting as it has ever been. The case is available for Kindles and Nooks for $56, with iPad and Galaxy Tab (I assume 10.1-inch version) versions costing $12 more.

[Etsy via Gizmodo]