Although the device you see above isn't a new HTC device, it's probably a good representation of one that you'll see in the near future. 

It will be called the HTC Congressional, and it will run on AT&T's network. The device will be based off of Ice Cream Sandwich, and will feature the same Beats Audio processing unit that you can find in the HTC Rezound. You can expect to see the Congressional appear sometime in the first half of April 2012. 

The next phone on HTC's Radar (pardon the pun) is an unnamed Windows Phone. While that in itself isn't big, what will be on the inside (and outside) of the phone is: it's going to be the first LTE Windows Phone, and it will measure at a massive 4.7-inches.

Unfortunately, that's all we know for now on both of the devices. I'm particularly excited about the Windows Phone; I'm in love with large screens and Windows Phone, so whatever this device is could be a match made in heaven for me when it comes around just after CES.