Screen Shot 2011-12-15 at 5.57.42 PMOh, this is a serious bummer. RIM just released its quarterly earnings report, which really stunk by themselves: it made profits of just 51¢ per share. 

But what makes that call even worse than just being a way for the company to break the news about its dwindling money to its investors is the fact that BlackBerry 10 phones will not be launching until late 2012. 

At this point, I'm about to give up my dreams of actually owning a BlackBerry 10/QNX device from RIM because it's looking like they'll never make it to the market. RIM keeps delaying something that's actually really good and could shoot it towards the top again, and I have no idea how that makes sense. I guess it's because BlackBerry 10 looks so different than its previous operating systems and since RIM's biggest customers are enterprise people with training for older operating systems, RIM just doesn't want to let them go. 

Still, that's an idiotic way to look at a way to make more money. Then again, it's RIM we're talking about.