You can finally (officially) say goodbye to Carrier IQ on your HTC EVO 3D … Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Adiós! Sayonara!

The latest OTA software update to 2.17.651.5, which became available yesterday and will start rolling out to everyone by January 17, finally gets rid of that controversial piece of software for good. So in case you were wondering about that "Security Update" that was mentioned on Sprint's website, it was actually the removal of your phone's ability to spy on you. This could also be why some people are reporting better battery life!

In case you're skeptical, check out the screenshots above – these are before and after screenshots of Carrier IQ Detector running on a stock, unrooted EVO 3D. Given the controversy surrounding Carrier IQ, I'm wondering why Sprint hasn't chosen to advertise its removal. With all the feedback Sprint has gotten, you'd think it would want to shout this from the mountaintops!

To check and see if this update is available for you, just hit Menu > Settings > System updates > HTC software update. And be sure to let us know how this update is working out for you!