Although the main point of CES is to show off new hardware and software that consumers will absolutely love, there's still a few companies that have to announce bits and pieces of bad news here and there to even it out. CES 2012's Bad News Bear is Motorola Mobility's Sanjay Jha, even though he passes on part of the blame to AT&T and Verizon.

Basically, Mr. Jha explains that carriers don't actually want to have phones with stock Android on their shelves. It makes them "hard" to differentiate, which in turn makes some models unprofitable. 

As a consumer, I'm upset; as an editor, I'm apalled. If there's anything to be said from the Galaxy Nexus sales numbers, it's that hardware can sell itself. Motorola and other manufacturers just don't understand that since they've never actually tried it. If they have, it was at an early stage when Android's popularity wasn't even close to what it has become in the past year.

Hey, device manufacturers, there's plenty of differentiation in hardware. That Droid 4 has a keyboard. The Droid RAZR Maxx doesn't. 

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