If you're an owner of Samsung's original Galaxy S series of phones, or even the original Galaxy Tab, you've been subjected to a really rocky week. Were you actually getting an official Ice Cream Sandwich update to your device, or weren't you

Well, I really hate to be the editor to bring you such bad news all the time, but I'm afraid Samsung's going down the road with the latter option. The company is still using the line about hardware restrictions due to TouchWiz, so it seems like Sammy is completely against the idea for its 'old' hardware. 

Don't feel bad, though: there's a lovely developer community around Android and these specific devices that will deliver a delicious Ice Cream Sandwich to you in a timely manner. Still, I can't help but feel that Samsung doesn't know about customer service as well as HTC or other manufacturers do, and that could certainly bite it in the Gingerbread butt sooner than it thinks.

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