Galaxy-note-att-brandingIf you are one of the many US residents eagerly awaiting any news about the stateside release of Samsung's awesome phoneblet, the Galaxy Note, I have some good news for you. Fitting nicely with past leaks of a Galaxy Note with AT&T bands and a recent announcement that the device would soon be coming to the US, a promotional image of the device with actual AT&T branding has now leaked.

Along with clearly showing that the Note will be headed to AT&T, another image of the device revealed a somewhat unexpected NFC radio. The presence of this radio adds the potential for support of features like Google Wallet and Android bump, but it remains to be seen whether those services will be officially availible for the device.

This new image only serves to solidify the notion that AT&T and Samsung will finally release the US Galaxy Note at CES, something that can't really happen too soon. Even with things like the Galaxy Nexus on the market, the Note is a fantastic device, and the addition of NFC and probable subsidized pricing only serves to make it more desirable.