Google announced today that they are beefing up their security efforts when it comes to Android. They are doing this by adding a new service which they have code named Bouncer. Bouncer does a comprehensive scan of all apps available on the Android Market, as well as developer’s accounts to search for malware, spyware, or trojans. It also looks for other cues that the app might be misbehaving. This is all done automatically, thus not interrupting the ability of developers to release apps without having to go through an application approval process.

Google claims the service has been running for a while now, and that they have seen a drop in the percentage of malicious apps on the Android Market. If you remember we reported back in November that the number of malicious apps was on the rise for Android. It’s good to see that Google has been hard at work on their end to do what they can to stop malware. I hope that this helps curb the number of developers that try to release malicious apps.

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