HP's original WebOS tablets may have been a flop, but the company is by no means done trying to bring a good tablet to market. According to the company's new CEO Meg Whitman, HP is planning to have a Windows 8 tablet out for purchase by the end of this year. With any luck, that means the company will also bring out the dead plans for the Opal/Touchpad Go, and make a 7-inch device based on Windows 8.

Although it is probably wishful thinking, there is certainly a possibility that HP will consider the 7-inch form factor for their Windows 8 tablet.  With the wide success of the Kindle Fire and the rumor that Google's Nexus tablet will have a 7-inch display, a pocketable device could make sense for the company. Even if they do release a 10-inch device first, a 7-inch addition to the tablet line could be in the works. 

Other than the fact that HP is working on some sort of tablet, however, we have little other information. Whitman did go on to say that the tablet would be tailored for "security, productivity, and business," but that could of course mean any number of things. We may end up being disappointed, but I don't think it will hurt to hope for a 7-inch Windows 8 tablet from HP.