We already know that RIM will probably be showing off their new BlackBerry 10 OS at Mobile World Congress in a little less than two weeks, and we even know what their debut hardware may be. Still, there's no harm in getting an early look at what improvements we might see in BlackBerry 10, and thanks to a leak from CrackBerry, we can do just that.

As you can see above, BlackBerry 10 will have a completely redesigned homescreen setup, with improved artwork and widget support. BlackBerry 10 also has a more Windows Phone Metro-like interface for calls and email, and has borrowed iOS's folder style. Basically, it appears to be the PlayBook OS scaled down for a smartphone, which is exactly what we were expecting.

These changes certainly make BlackBerry 10 look more modern than previous versions, and it looks like the OS will be much more functional and user friendly. It will certainly be a big step up for an current BlackBerry users, but in the end RIM is still trying hard just to catch up. They are adding features that other mobile OSs have had for years now, and don't seem to have much unique style to their software.

Of course, playing catchup is exactly what they need to do in order to retain customers and perhaps draw in some new ones at this point. I just hope RIM gets back in the game soon, so that they can actually begin to innovate again.