As excitement surrounding the upcoming HTC One Series continues to grow, HTC has decided to do a little roadshow. Namely, HTC is going to visit dozens of cities over the coming weeks to share the "HTC One experience" with its fans and find out what people think.

So far, HTC has committed to visiting Seattle, New York, Miami, London, Rome, New Dehli, São Paulo, Taipei, Bangkok, and Jakarta, among others. However, its itenerary isn't entirely set yet – HTC is asking its fans to let it know if you want it to stop in your city.

This looks like it may be a perfect opportunity for regular ol' folks to get up close and personal with the latest cutting-edge technology, rather than only showing it off to bloggers like me. So if you want to be a part of this series of events, let HTC know!

I just wish HTC would stop somewhere a bit closer to where I am. (Insert sad face here.)