Siri is a pretty cool feature for the iPhone 4S. I don't use it all the time, and "she" can't connect to her servers when we're out of 3G or WiFi connectivity, but the thought of being able to talk to my phone and have it do complex things is pretty cool . . . even if we're not there yet. 

Thankfully, that time is coming closer every day. According to iOS developer Even Coleman, Siri will soon be able to tell you the score of any sports game. As the code above suggests, asking the assistant "Who's winning the [team name] game?" will give you the score for that particular game. 

I'm not too into sports, although I love football and always root for the Detroit Lions during the NFL season. Sometimes, though, I'm not near the television and still would like to know the score; being able to ask my phone to tell me scores without having to go into the ESPN app is a welcome addition. And if Apple keeps adding new features like this, Siri should just become more and more popular with the average consumer. 

Now that we know Apple's really sirious with Siri, what else would you like to see added to this or your favorite "personal assistant" service?

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