Even though its release is only months away, Windows 8 still has a lot of questions surrounding it that have been left unanswered. One of those questions deals with how a reinstallation, if needed, would occur; today, that question is answered.

If you find that your Windows 8 tablet needs a fresh installation of the operating system, you're in luck: the steps to make that happen are straightforward, easy, and quick. Firstly, you'll scroll to the General tab in the settings app. From there, you have two options to choose from: you can refresh your PC while keeping apps and information or completely reinstall Windows 8. The process promises to be incredibly quick and reliable, so if you had any lack of confidence in your ability to repair you system should something go wrong, it should be restored.

I'll admit that there are some things Microsoft added (or removed) from Windows 8 that's making me second-guess my plans to purchase a copy, but these steps that the company is taking makes me feel better about how popular the subsequent Windows 8 tablets will be. 

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