Samsung-galaxy-s-iii-conceptWe may finally know when Samsung will reveal their next-generation Galaxy Android smartphone, but that won't prevent even more Galaxy SIII rumors in the weeks leading up to the announcement. Already, BGR is claiming an exclusive source has revealed even more about Samsung's plans for the device's launch, including some new hardware details.

Apparently, Samsung will be heavily promoting the Galaxy SIII across the globe with the 2012 London Olympics, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anybody. However, the source is claiming that the device will have a 1080p panel instead of the more widely expected 720p display.

Other newly corroborated rumors include a quad-core Exynos processor and LTE on board, both of which we were expecting. In addition, there are supposedly two different color versions of the smartphone: black and blue, and white.

Although BGR says their information comes from a credible source, it could just as easily be another false rumor. The quad-core processor and LTE match previous expectations, and a white version of the phone makes sense, but the 1080p display seems to stretch things just a bit too much. It doesn't take much to come up with a believable "leak" these days, so every bit of news about the Galaxy SIII should be taken with quite a large portion of salt. Of course, there's always the chance that the 1080p display rumor is true, and if so I can't wait to be proven wrong come May 3rd.