As we prepare for the HTC One X to launch on AT&T as soon as this week, some users who own the international version have been let down by what they perceive to be less-than-stellar battery life. And it's actually very likely that this is more than just a perception, as developers have discovered a bug in the software that prevents the native NVIDIA power control app to make use of the Tegra 3's battery-saving fifth core.

For power users (no pun intended) who have root access, a fix has been developed and is available right now. On the other hand, less skilled or overly cautious users will have to wait for HTC to push out an official update that will fix the problem.

Users are reporting an increase of up to 20% after applying this fix, so that's nothing to sneeze at! Luckily, once this device is available in the US, this shouldn't be a problem due to the dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip that's in the US version, instead of the quad-core Tegra 3. In any case, let us know if this fix works for you!

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