In the wake of news that the HTC EVO 3D is missing from Sprint's website and possibly heading to Virgin Mobile instead, we're also hearing news that the EVO Design 4G might head to Boost Mobile. According to this rumor, which is said to come from a reliable source, we can expect the EVO Design 4G to be released on Boost as early as June.

If all of this turns out to be true, this is certainly an interesting strategy for Sprint: not only is it finding an effective way to clear out existing inventory of WiMAX devices, but these devices will be put to good use in Sprint's prepaid division. For the first time, budget-conscious prepaid users will have access to last year's cutting edge technology for a fraction of the original asking price. Not only will this continue to boost Sprint's prepaid numbers (no pun intended), but this will hopefully encourage competitors to offer similarly-priced premium devices and bring down prices overall.

In other words, I like what's happening, and I see this as great news for the industry as a whole.