Last week, T-Mobile announced a special press event (which is actually going on right now) in which they would officially unveil the HTC One S. However, that didn't stop someone at T-Mobile from pulling the trigger a bit early and putting up a landing page for the One S on the carrier's website earlier today. In addition to giving customers the chance to sign up and receive email updates, the site also reveals an unsubsidized price of $599.99 for the device.

Best Buy also put up its own landing page earlier today, announcing a subsidized price of $199.99 (the same as the One X on AT&T) and an off-contract price that's $50 cheaper than buying from T-Mobile directly. The official launch date still has yet to be revealed, but all signs point to April 25, one week from today.

It does seem odd that this device will be the same as the One X here in the US (on contract, at least), but I guess both phones offer different advantages to different people. In any case, I'll be sure to tell you my impressions of both as soon as I can get my hands on them.

[T-Mobile | Best Buy]

Update: T-Mobile has confirmed April 25 as the release date.