We've heard a lot about the HTC One X and One S, but not so much about what seems to be the least favorite of the bunch, the HTC One V. But have no fear: if you're on a budget and are willing to sacrifice a bit of performance and specs in order to save a bit of cash, you'll be pleased to hear that the One V is still slated to come to the UK (and other parts of the world) later this month.

In fact, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse says the device will be available the week of April 23, and is accepting preorders right now. While a contract-free, unlocked price isn't yet available, Carphone Warehouse is giving the phone away for free with two-year contract plans from O2, Vodafone, or Orange, starting as low as £20.50/month.

There's still no word on the One V's status in the US, although there have been unconfirmed rumors that it very well might make an appearance on the budget prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile.

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