Last month we let you know that HTC was taking a roadtrip to show off the HTC One Series to the rest of the world. And if you follow HTC's official blog, you've already seen some fantastic photos that have been taken with the One X's camera, in some really neat places.

HTC's latest pit stop was "Old World Europe," and in his blog post describing the experience, HTC Community Lead Dan Lazarides mentions how humbling it was to experience so many HTC fans that were so enthusiastic about the device.

This blog post is definitely worth the read, and it leaves me with two thoughts (in addition to even more impatience until I can get my own hands on the One X):

  1. I really want to go back to Europe after studying abroad in Germany and Italy six years ago.
  2. I really love Pocketables, but how can I get a job where I can travel to awesome places all the time, party all day and night, show off the latest technology, and even meet Boy George like Lazarides did?