One-x-otaUnbranded, international versions of the HTC One X began receiving their very first OTA software update yesterday, bringing the software version up to 1.28.401.9, along a few miscellaneous bug fixes.

Users who have installed the update say that the device now correctly displays on-screen menu keys in certain apps like YouTube, and automatic brightness levels seem to be a bit dimmer. Additionally, the bug that sometimes distorted text and icons in the notification bar is gone.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that this version fixes the battery life issues that we previously told you about. That's great news, considering it wasn't a very complicated fix to begin with.

To check and see if the update is available for you, just go to Settings > About > Software Updates. If you have a carrier-branded device, it might not be available quite yet, as carriers have to approve these types of things first. And finally, if you are rooted, you run the risk of not being rooted after running this update, so proceed at your own risk.

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