One thing that's been notably absent from the myriad of Android update lists and roadmaps that we've seen from both carriers adn manufacturers this year has been any indication of updates for T-Mobile devices. For the most part, users on the smallest US carrier have been left in the dark concerning Android updates.

It may not come from an official announcement, but today a T-Mobile document has leaked which shows the update path for two of T-Mobile's hottest Android devices. The Galaxy SII will get the update on May 14, while HTC's Sensation and Amaze 4G will have to wait until June 16. It has taken quite a while, but at least T-Mobile will be updating their flagship smartphones, something that it wasn't clear that they were going to do before. 

There's also a more interesting piece of information hidden in the upcoming devices list. While it includes a number of low end budget handsets like the Huawei Astro, Buddy, Phoenix, and Samsung Cacao, there is no mention of any high end devices like the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note or HTC One X. The absence of the Galaxy Note is especially concerning, because there have already been leaks of a T-Mobile Note, so either the release date hasn't been set or it is going to be quite late.

Of course, none of this is conclusive, especially the lack of  some devices on the timeline. Still, it does give us an interesting idea of where T-Mobile might be headed in the future, and confirms that at least their flagship smartphones will be updated. It would be nice, though, if the lack of high end devices was really just an oversight, and T-Mobile has some exciting releases planned for this summer.