RIM has been a bag of hurt for a couple years now, but that doesn't mean the company won't bounce back this year. A new CEO; new OS; and new, sexy hardware should be able to satisfy the BlackBerry elite while opening up the world of BBM and incredible email clients to a new crowd.

Part of the RIM's reimagination is its tablet strategy. The original BlackBerry PlayBook was a great tablet that was missing a lot of features, and RIM has decided to take what was good out of the first PlayBook – the body and operating system – and slap it into the second, while still adding features to keep it competitive. 

One of those new features is the addition of 4G wireless connectivity. Back when the PlayBook was relatively new, there was a rumor that Sprint would be releasing a WiMAX-compatible version. That idea was never fully realized; Sprint did release a PlayBook that ran on its network, but it was only able to connect to 3G.

According to a source who tipped BerryReview, the PlayBook 4G is now in the hands of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for carrier testing. The tipster also mentioned a May release date, which would line up with RIM's BlackBerry World. 

We'll find out next month, I suppose. Are any of you planning on a PlayBook 4G purchase?