The tech world moves rather quickly. Just yesterday, I reported on a rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S III's display, and I still had no idea when the company would introduce the device. But today, I do: the introduction will be on May 22nd. 

Above is a screenshot of the invitation to the press event. It has all the typical information about what's going to be launched and where it's going to be held, but this one also includes a pretty unique render of what is assumably the Galaxy S III. 

Companies are known to exaggerate their press invitation renders, but this actually looks like one beautiful (and real) device. In fact, it kind of looks like that supposed GSIII that we saw in the keynote video: edge-to-edge screen and razor-like thinness. Some people are also saying that this one looks aerodynamic, and I'd have to agree. Samsung has said that some of its designs are aerodynamic, so this render is actually quite believable. 

It goes without saying that the Galaxy S III is going to be one heck of a phone. I seriously can't wait until these go on sale – it's probably the next device to go in my pocket. 

[Yahoo Korea (translated) via Phandroid