Samsung makes a lot of products. For example, there are many different variations of just the Galaxy S II for carriers around world. Then you have the lesser-known smartphones, the Galaxy Note, and whatever else the manufacturer comes up with in its labs. 

Thankfully, though, it looks like Samsung is able to sell most of what it makes. The chart above was made by Digitimes, and represents comScore's market share analysis. As you can see, Samsung was at the top in February, owning a healthy 25.6% of the US market.  

Meanwhile, LG came in second with a loss of a percentage point, while Apple came in third and gained two. Motorola lost one and came in fourth, and HTC straggled behind in fifth place with a measly 6.3%.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the next month comScore shares its results, Samsung's market share will be a lot larger than it is now. I'd bet that the manufacturer might see roughly 30% due to the new Galaxy S III that it'll be releasing at the end of May. 

[comScore via Digitimes]