It hasn't been talked about much recently, but last year there was an interesting rumor that Samsung would jump on the 3D bandwagon with a Galaxy S 3D device. Those rumors didn't pan out, but some continued to suggest that the Galaxy SIII would still come with the feature. Unsurprisingly, Samsung has now squashed those rumors, and confirmed that the Galaxy SIII will not have 3D technology, leaving us to wonder what great display Samsung will put on the device. 

Samsung's exact quote doesn't specifically mention the Galaxy SIII, likely because the company doesn't want to give anything away before the launch, but does say that the company isn't planning a 3D smartphone for anytime in the near future. This probably isn't a shock or disappointment for smartphone consumers, but some die-hard fans of 3D phones like the EVO 3D (or perhaps Samsung's 3D TVs) may be disappointed by the trend not continuing to Samsung's smarpthones.

Really, though, this change should actually serve to make the Galaxy SIII much better. Rumor has it that the phone will include a massive edge-to-edge 720p Super AMOLED display, something that probably wouldn't be possible with a 3D device. Personally, I'm glad for this, as 3D has always seemed something of a gimmick most of the time anyways, and I'd take a high-res screen over 3D any day.