The biggest selling point of the Nexus line of phones is that all of them run stock Android. Therefore, you'd expect for them to get the newest version of the operating system as soon as it's made public. The Sprint Samsung Nexus S, however, has been an exception. 

Finally, though, Sprint and Samsung have made the Nexus S' Ice Cream Sandwich update available for download. Yes, it has been about six months since ICS was released, but it's certainly better late than never, right?

It doesn't make sense that a Nexus is receiving a software update so late in the game. And honestly, there is no excuse for any of the three responsible parties – Sprint, Samsung, or Google – to have taken so long to update a Nexus phone that had one selling point: quick and awesome software updates. 

Are any of you Sprint Nexus S owners? And how is your experience with the phone? Would you rather have waited for a phone that got its promised updates at the promised times?