Sure, Samsung may be introducing its next-generation Galaxy S phone in two weeks on May 3rd, but the Galaxy Note is a pretty popular phone itself. It's seen some really good sales numbers already, and it looks like T-Mobile is gearing up to help those numbers grow even larger. 

The picture above shows a Galaxy Note next to another Samsung Galaxy device, most likely the Galaxy S II. Don't worry about the smaller device, though, as it's just there for a size comparison so you know that the bigger phone is indeed the Note. 

This shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you: just yesterday, we reported on a document mentioning that a Galaxy Note-like device would be appearing on the carrier soon. This picture should rid of you of any doubt about a T-Mobile Galaxy Note that you may have still had. 

Most leaks don't mention pricing or release dates and, sadly, this one is no exception. Let's just assume that we'll get an official announcement before or on May 3rd. 

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