In the US, only two carriers come to mind when thinking about Windows Phone: AT&T and T-Mobile. In fact, back when Windows Phone 7 was a new operating system, Microsoft said that it would be the premiere carrier for the OS. T-Mobile has done pretty well, too, and even has the HTC Radar 4G, arguably the second-coolest-looking Windows Phone to date. 

CDMA carriers, on the other hand, haven't been so friendly to Microsoft's mobile efforts. Sprint has the HTC Arrive, and Verizon has the HTC Trophy. Both devices are well over a year old, and both carriers have no other Windows Phone options. But today, Verizon CEO Fran Shammo had this to say about Windows Phone.

"It is important that there is a third ecosystem brought into the mix here. We are fully supportive of that with Microsoft…We helped create the Android platform from the beginning and it is an incredible platform today, and we are looking to do the same thing with a third ecosystem."

There was no mention of which devices Verizon would be doing so with, but I'd guess we'll see at least one device from Nokia. Who's excited for a good selection of CDMA Windows Phone?