Image originally by smatherlee on the icsforums. Would use my own but left my EVO 4G at home turned off. - also image is of the preview. Fail till I get back homeAlterROM is one of the latest ROMs for the HTC EVO 4G to offer a choose-your-own-experience style of install by configuring options pre-flash using the Aroma Installer.

The ROM has a strong non-Sense base and about 670 different ways to install it before you even get to choose which programs you want installed. Of those different ways only around 12 really are anything noticably different though, so don't get overwhelmed yet.

Features that you can install include two different SuperUser apps, font selection (ICS/GB,) Beats/Xloud/DSPManager, Go Launcher EX, ADWLauncher, Launcher Pro, AOSP Launcher, and five different kernels with SBC/Non-SBC options.

If you decide later to stick with the AlterROM series, it includes backup and upgrade options, which presumably will be available in future versions as well to ease transitioning from version to version.

It contains a very large set of options, patches, mods, applications that you can choose whether to install or to not, making this possibly the most fully customized ROM from first boot I've ever run across.

After running it on my EVO 4G for the past few days, I've been very impressed. Your choices during install may take you down a different path than mine, however.