Even though I have very few of them left, one of my favorite features of iOS is its integration with iTunes Store gift cards and PayPal. I use PayPal constantly, and if I need to get a gift card for whatever reason, I can just head to a local store and pick one up to buy some apps, music, movies, or books.

In fact, that reason alone might be way I found iOS superior to other platforms for so long. I could easily pay for the software and media I wanted without worrying about credit card numbers. Google, though, is looking to do something similar for people who wish to keep their numbers anonymous: Google Play will now offer carrier billing. 

If you live in the US and are on either Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T, you're all set to go for carrier billing. Verizon has yet to sign up with the program, but hopefully it's a signature that isn't too far off in the future. Meanwhile, some international carriers will also offer this payment option. T-Mobile International and Vodafone are the two carriers that are offering the method in more than one country since they are international. Japan and Korea have their own carriers, though most of them seem to be on board with Google, too. 

This is very exciting for me. I don't want to use credit cards to purchase my apps, but I have no problem paying for the stuff I got earlier at the end of my billing cycle. 

Are any of you as excited?

[Google Play via Android Police]