Even though my personal preorder at Best Buy is still backordered, our friends at HTC wanted to make sure that we could get our hands on the HTC EVO 4G LTE as soon as possible. It arrived on my doorstep this morning and is ready to be unboxed and powered on.

Because I know most of you are dying to get your hands on this yourselves, I want to share my excitement with you. Also, I know that many of you have questions about the device, ranging from its outer appearance to what's running on the inside, and everything else in between. So please, take this opportunity to ask me anything about the EVO 4G LTE!

Later today and over the weekend, I'll gather up some of the best questions and answer them in future posts. The only thing you should know before you ask your question is that I'm only qualified to compare the phone to the EVO 4G, EVO 3D, or the HTC One Series (the One S and One X), so don't ask me how it compares to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the iPhone 4S.

Leave your questions in the comments below, post on our Facebook Timeline, or send us a tweet. Then come back over the next few days to see my answers.