The Dell Streak 5 was released a little over two years ago, and today is actually our two-year StreakSmart anniversary.

Since then, a lot has changed for Dell and its mobile business: the company has killed off the Streak 5 and discontinued its smartphone sales in the US. Fortunately, some of the people who did purchase the device have been actively developing software for it, so it can live just a little longer.

One of the most important pieces of software for any device is the operating system Рand now, the Streak 5 is capable of running Ice Cream Sandwich, thanks to some enterprising developers. The ROM is an early pre-alpha build, and developer kibuuka warns that:

This ROM is not intended for everyday use and posted mainly for experienced users and streak-oriented developers to evaluate it and collaborate on bug resolution and further development. If you expect it to fit any particular purpose – answer is: “No, not yet.”

If you’re still interested, you can read the forum post and find out how to install the ROM. Kibuuka has made lists of things that work and that don’t, as well as a few miscellaneous bugs.

Let us know if you decide to try this ROM out!

[xda-developers] Thanks, dameon_03!