Google has finally confirmed officially to the media that Google Wallet on the HTC EVO 4G LTE is down due to software issues, and that it is working with both Sprint and HTC to fix the problem as quickly as possible. As you know, Google Wallet started experiencing issues around the same time that the new EVO was released earlier this month: at first, users were having difficulty added prepaid cards, only to be completely locked out later on.

Speaking with the Verge yesterday, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the issue all stems from “software problem” related to the NFC chip in the device. The good news is that it is definitely fixable with a software update, which makes sense given the fact that Wallet worked perfectly on my pre-release EVO 4G LTE. The bad news is that this has been down for the majority of June, and there was no timeframe given as to when we should expect a fix.

Rest assured, as soon as we know anything new, you will, too.

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