While it’s an awesome concept, Google Wallet has had some major issues. We’ve reported on those issues a couple of times already. Simply put, Google Wallet is a broken system. Luckily, Google is starting to work on the second version of the payment system, aptly named Wallet 2.0. Allegedly, this update will bring a bigger emphasis on offers and promotions than Wallet 1.0, but it’ll also focus on cloud-based payments.

None of this means anything at this point, but Google I/O, Google’s developer conference, is this month. Hopefully the search giant will give a few more details towards the future of its payment platform, because I’m truly interested – I just want to be able to use it.

As we discussed on this week’s episode of CrowdGadgets, Google needs to step up its game in terms of partnering up with banks and merchants for Wallet to really take off. As you probably now by now, I live in a smaller town, but I have yet to run into a store with any option to pay with Google Wallet. Worse yet, it seems to be that way across most of the US.

If Google wants Wallet to succeed, then it will have to work at it. I personally have faith in Google to make it work, but it may take a while for vendors to get in on the technology – and for consumers to actually use it. I hope it happens soon, though; who doesn’t want to pay with their phone?

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