OMJ’s HTC ELTE Custom ROM for the  HTC EVO 4G LTE, the ninth custom ROM I’ve run across for the newly released phone in under a month of development time, has entered the ring by developer O.M.J.

ELTE is a deodexed ROM featuring Freeza’s stockmod kernel, the advanced power menu, landscape and 360 Rosie, an option to toggle the annoying camera shutter sound, no MMS compression (up to 5MB MMS messages), remapping of the recent apps key to menu/longpress home to recent apps, and a working built in hotspot.

Along with the additional features added, about 16MB in 38 apps were removed from the base ROM, which should free up some space (not that you’ll probably need it with the amount of space the 4G LTE comes with).

The standard warnings apply: make sure to clear your Google Wallet settings before flashing any ROM, and make a nandroid backup in case something doesn’t work out for you.

If you’re running it or decide to run it, let us know what you think about it. I’m stock/locked/rooted for the next few days and cannot play with it just yet.