Developer Freeza has produced a mod for unlocked/rooted HTC EVO 4G LTEs which allow you to force your phone into roam-only mode allowing you to roam even when Sprint towers are available.

This is incredibly useful for areas where Sprint service is spotty at best to prevent you from catching a faint Sprint signal, switching to that tower, and dropping the call as the wind blows in another direction. Also it can be quite useful if the Sprint tower you’re on is just simply overloaded due to an event or malfunctioning.

Something to bear in mind is that Sprint allows for a certain amount of roaming on your contract, but above a set level you’re likely to receive a phone call from the Roaming Department informing you to quit it or they’ll terminate your service – so use only as needed.

As with all flashable mods, make sure to make a nandroid backup¬†just in case it doesn’t work with your particular setup and causes your ROM to malfunction.