Windows 8 won’t be officially available for another few months, but the Twitter app competition is already heading up. Previously, Rowi and Tweetro were duking it out for the number one spot. Rowi is a fantastic Windows Phone Twitter client, while Tweetro is excellent on Windows 8. Now, my favorite desktop Twitter app, MetroTwit, is finally available as a Metro-style Windows 8 app as well.

The preview version of MetroTwit’s Metro-style app is one of the more beautiful Windows 8 apps. The designers also added live tiles inside the app itself, a rarity in the Windows Store. These live tiles make it easy to stay up-to-date on multiple streams at once without overloading your brain with a series of columns. In fact, unlike its desktop counterpart, MetroTwit for Windows 8 is locked at a maximum of just two permanent columns, with a third that changes based on which live tile you have currently selected.

Of course, this being a preview app, some features are incomplete or missing at this early stage. Streaming updates, true live tile support, and notifications are out, and the Snap view is lacking. That being said, if Long Zheng, David Golden, and Winston Pang can carry over the top-notch work they’ve done on MetroTwit desktop over to MetroTwit for Windows 8, users will have a fantastic Twitter app to look forward to when Windows 8 launches this fall. That is, of course, if Rowi and Tweetro don’t beat them to the punch.

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