Some international users of the HTC One S are reporting a bizarre issue where their home screens seem to have a seizure. As you can see in the video above, the phone behaves as if the Home button is continually being pressed, zooming in and out of the home screen and the other panels.

So far, the problem seems very intermittent, according to users who are affected. Some people are also reporting that the phone will vibrate while doing this, or jump in and out of apps. Some claim that the problem starts when the signal is low, or when exiting certain apps, but no consistent pattern has yet been established.

I didn’t experience this problem when I reviewed the One S for T-Mobile here in the US, but perhaps this is isolated to certain carrier firmware; after all, O2 users in the UK seem to be most drastically affected so far. As is typical in these types of situations, HTC has yet to comment on the problem. However, given the fact that more than one user is affected, I’m sure HTC is aware of the problem and it will be fixed soon in an OTA update.

[O2 via TechnoBuffalo]