If you don’t want to unlock your HTC EVO 4G LTE using HTCdev, and you’d rather gain full S-OFF, we already told  you not to accept the latest OTA update – if you remember, the latest OTA includes an updated bootloader that patches the LazyPanda S-OFF exploit. But here’s another reason not to accept the update, if you haven’t gotten S-OFF yet.

Up until now, if you chose to unlock your device using HTCdev, you had pretty much everything that S-OFF gave you, including the ability to flash radios and splashes in recovery mode. (This was true only on the EVO 4G LTE, not previous versions of the EVO.) Everyone thought that HTC had opened up more to developers and was adopting a relaxed attitude toward the developer community.

But apparently, after applying the latest update, it is no longer possible to flash new radios or splashes if you have unlocked with HTCdev. You need full S-OFF to do that, which also isn’t yet possible with the new bootloader included in the latest update. So much for being more friendly – it looks like that initial openness was just a fluke.

So basically, the old advice from Android’s very beginning still holds true today: if you’re rooted, don’t accept the latest OTA unless you are fully aware of the consequences, and don’t mind being a guinea pig. Otherwise, wait for your favorite ROM to be updated, or flash an already-rooted stock version of the update.