Google Wallet received another update in the Play Store this past weekend, and while many HTC EVO 4G LTE users probably quickly accepted the update in the hopes of restoring functionality on their devices, they were quickly left in disappointment: for the vast majority of EVO owners, the app still doesn’t work.

Google has already said that it’s aware of the problem and that a fix will come with a future software update, but users still have no definitive time frame as to when this fix will arrive. Since Google also seems to be working closely with both HTC and Sprint on the issue, I’m guessing that full functionality won’t return until the EVO 4G LTE actually receives its next OTA software update – a simple app update through the Play Store probably won’t cut it.

If it’s any consolation to EVO users, it seems as if functionality on the new Samsung Galaxy SIII has also been cut off – lots of SIII owners are leaving negative reviews in the Play Store, which lends at least a little credibility to my initial suspicion that perhaps Sprint is more to blame, rather than individual handset manufacturers or Google itself.

Interestingly enough, a small contingent of EVO users were given access to the app last week, although functionality is still blocked for the vast majority of users.

If one thing is certain, it’s that this snafu is making me want to use Google Wallet less and less every day. I don’t really care who is to blame: just fix the problem pronto!

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