In the past month, we’ve seen the HTC EVO 4G LTE rooted, unlocked, S-OFF-ed, and a variety of custom ROMs made for it. One thing that has been missing from the development mix is the ability to overclock, and that has been now been remedied with the EVO LTE OC application.

You’ll need a rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE with busybox installed, which was probably installed by whatever root method you used.

Overclocking allows you make your processor work faster by changing the clock frequency of the main CPU. While setting the values higher than their stock 1.5GHz values do achieve some speed increase, it also comes at the cost of using more battery, expending more heat, and the potential that you might do permanent damage to the phone.

I didn’t notice a drastic increase in performance by overclocking. Using Quadrant Standard, my default range was between 4665-5000 at 1.5GHz – 1.7GHz, 5100 at 1.8GHz, and the low 4000s at 1.9GHz, along with the phone stuttering.

As this is pretty early on into the overclocking  scene on the EVO 4G LTE, my bet is we’ll get a bit more performance out of the thing when voltage tables are updated/figured out.

The app is pretty simple: download, install, run. It will set the clock frequency after booting each time, so if you’ve managed to overclock to a speed that locked your phone up, you should just be able to boot into safe mode (holding home) and bypass the program entirely.

You can overclock to 2.0ghz, or 33% faster than the chips ship. The best performance increase I got was in the range of 9%, so this is currently not something that’s going to make a wold of difference in the performance of your phone. At least not yet.