It’s now been almost a week since Sprint unveiled its brand new 4G LTE network, available in a handful of cities and towns in four different states. Sprint is also hard at work bringing the new network to the rest of the country, but the G&E team has yet to experience LTE for itself: I’m in central Illinois, where we never even got WiMAX. Paul is in Tennessee, and Jenn is in Hawaii – like me, both of them are now stuck with 3G-only devices until LTE is deployed in their areas, as well.

So we want to know: if you’ve got LTE right now, what’s your experience been like? Are you impressed, or does it leave much to be desired?

I’ve been hearing mixed reports myself: some people have great LTE coverage and are posting impressive speed test results, while others can’t seem to maintain a connection. Coverage should improve over time, however, as Sprint works to complete the LTE network and fill in coverage gaps. But we still want to know how it’s treating you right now.

Take part in our poll below, and then let us know why you voted the way you did!