If you own an HTC EVO 4G LTE with the latest radios/firmware, you know that flashing kernels and ROMs can be a hassle because you cannot write to the boot partition in recovery mode. But now, Team Win has released a new version of their recovery that adds HTC Dumlock functionality for those stuck S-ON, which allows writing to the boot partition.

Dumlock is a method in which the boot partition is written to from Android, not recovery mode. The limitations set in place by HTC on when and where you can flash kernel images is effectively sidestepped by flashing in Android mode. The downside is that the boot partition evidently has to be written twice each flash, which takes a little more time and a reboot.

It does not appear that they have updated TWRP to 2.2.1 for the EVO 3D as of yet, which was one of the first HTC products affected by the annoying recovery restrictions. However, for the EVO 3D, there’s 4EXT with Smartflash.

You can download and find instructions on how to install the new recovery on Team Win’s website. You can also read a bit more about how HTC Dumlock works here.