Fans of the Fresh ROM series: rejoice, as developer Flipzmode has released an updated version of his custom HTC EVO 4G LTE ROM after a hiatus for something called “life.”

Fresh ROM has been updated to the newest 1.22.651.3 firmware and baseband, and if you want to run it without problems, you’re going to need to upgrade at least the radios. While it lists that you have to be S-OFF in order to do this on the Fresh ROM page, if you’re running a previous version of the firmware and are HTCDev unlocked, you can flash the radios without the new hboot and still be S-ON, unless I’m mistaken. If you upgrade the hboot, you would then be required to be S-OFF to flash radios.

The new version fixes the linkify and smart sync issues the previous versions had, along with adding proper 1X/3G reporting, a hotspot/tether hack, and 360 Rosie. Wallet will still say “unsupported” – however, it will function properly.

The only complaint I have about this ROM is the removal of the statusbar keyboard input selector. That’s a personal preference of mine, as I like switching from Swype to another ICS voice-recognition keyboard when it’s quiet around me (which it rarely is), although it’s not something that’s particularly critical.

If you’re planning on going to this ROM, go ahead and do a factory reset and wipe the system as some people are evidently getting issues from leftover ROM pieces. Also, make sure that if you’re using Google Wallet, you clear the Wallet settings. We’re not sure if the new firmware fixed the bricking of the secure element or not, but you might as well err on the side of safety.